When Saying Nothing Costs You


Air Travel Etiquette – While waiting in the departure lounge for a flight to visit one of our suppliers, I was made aware of a young woman sitting close by, coughing like she was a Jack Russell barking at a Rottweiler pretending to be looking for a fight, and thought to myself, “I pity the poor sod that would be sitting beside her on the plane.” Well guess who the poor sod was?.. Yip, me!

As one of the last to board the plane, my usually cheerful demeanour sank when I came across her sitting next to my allocated seat. My first instinct was to ask one of the cabin crew to move me to another seat, but being a gentleman and not wanting to embarrass the young lady in question, I decided to man up and take the soon to be infected seat.  Now clearly the past 2 years had taught her nothing. Air Travel Etiquette – No mask and coughing continually into her hands, (I have seen countless people do that, not just her), but she must have known leaving her house in the morning that she had some type of infection, but then had no concern of passing it on to others, making no attempt to prevent the spread.

Needless to say that 2 days later, and despite my religious Wim Hof Method, my first infection in 3 years took hold, so had to cancel a family event and spend the weekend in isolation, parked on the couch feeling sick and pissed off that I did not speak up and ask to be moved to another seat. I now suffered in silence at home with a valuable lesson learnt- SPEAK UP NEXT TIME!