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Credit Controllers – Sales Killers ?

Credit control for companies like TPS are vital to keep the cash flowing through the business, and although we have just a few customers who are a little slow in paying, in general terms we are very good in that department, which I put down to the great personal touch of our current TPS star: Joanne (Pictured)

Joanne started with us around 4 years ago in telesales, however as she will admit herself, it was not her “bag”, so we asked her if she would move to an administration role. She happily agreed, so we put her through a few external training courses, and low and behold, she has thrived ever since.

So much so, she has taken on even more work, adding the very important task of credit control to her role within TPS, and it is a real joy to listen to her speaking to customers with her sales background, more often than not, receiving the payment due, and getting a fresh order at the same time; genius!

Where sales get lost

In my day, I have come across a few credit controllers in the past, who would call a customer up and immediately put their back up with their authoritative tone and bullying manner, indignant of any issues the customer may be experiencing.

In fact, years ago, one company who I had just joined a few months earlier, would not send an order out because as it was over the 30 days, but when I explained that the customer was in a bad state as he had just lost his son to a motorbike accident, the then Financial Director told me “Not our problem, the goods are not to go!”.. I was so pissed at his cold unfeeling remark, I went straight to the Managing Director’s office and handed in my notice, citing that I could no longer work for such a heartless company.

Told to calm down and go away, I received a message a few days later to go to the MD’s office, where I was told that the Financial Director was no longer with the company, and that now I was expected to rescind my notice. There would be a more sensible and kinder credit control policy put in place; common sense had prevailed. (The FD had a history of indifference towards customers, and the MD had had enough.)

Companies need to be aware of the manner in which their finance departments talk with their customers; their actions could kill the business that the sales team had worked so hard to earn. Every paying customer is a wage packet to even the finance team!

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