Industry Products

As well as serving the Butchery sector here in the UK, we are also heavily involved in the food processing sector. Into this market we are competitive in supplying:

Bespoke Ingredients

We have the function to provide high quality blends and seasonings for any price range. Whether it is a sausage seasoning or a hotdog mix, we will have what you are looking for.

Stand Up Pouches

All different sizes and styles of Stand-up pouches are available here, but please note, we sell mainly bespoke, and so have limited stock of plain pouches.

Roastable Pouches

A growing sector in the food packaging sphere are roastable and microwavable pouches. Ideal for ready made meal ideas & part-cooking products..
meat at grocery

Lidding Films

Bottom and top web to Aluminium and roastable to microwavable, we have all your all film needs covered.

Plastic Casings

Our Boss is a real specialist on all types of casings, so you are in good hands here. If you fill any food product into a casing, we will be able to offer to help, and possibly supply it. If you are working on any NPD projects or want to look at an alternative supplier, please get in touch.

Vacuum Pouches

We supply a wide range of vacuum packaging products, such as our Gold-Silver, Blue-Tint, Boilable, and pouches suitable for the fish industry. If you need packaging for vacuum packing, please get in touch with one of our excellent sales-team.