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More Dangerous than Explosives?

This century is the first time in history (since records began) that more lives have been lost around the world due to over-eating than starvation.. Mind boggling. Obesity and associated illnesses has been on the increase for decades, with the masses of readily available food with high sugar content and the sedentary lifestyles that is all too prevalent these days. But how did we get to this position?

The drive for convenience and ease has made us lazy as a species; as we are not designed to drive everywhere, sit in front of the TV and PC screens for hours, and have our Greggs breakfast delivered to our doorstep.  We are hunter gatherers by design who need to go days without food and look for our nourishment ourselves.

It got me thinking that food is actually more dangerous than explosives, and that is why we have more legalisation governing food-stuffs than we do for bombs, bullets and things that go bang. No more wars, we have just swapped grenades for doughnuts!

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