Now that is Customer Service !

Although I think the main drive to “Net Zero” is one big load of expensive nonsense and deemed to fail, I do hate waste of any kind, and seeing loads of cardboard from our supplier’s packaging being skipped, made me think; “How can we put all this waste to better use?” 

Scrolling through the internet as you do, I came across a machine that turns cardboard into void-filling packaging, so researching the pros and cons fully, I ordered one.

Placing the order online on the Monday morning, I received a message saying “Your order will be with you tomorrow”, which I thought was pretty fast shipping for such a heavy item. Tuesday morning, the machine duly arrived, and eager to try out, I stripped off the packaging, pallet trucked it into position, quickly read through the instructions and switched it on… But nothing, zero, stone dead!

I then took to the phone to inform the supplier that we had a dead -duck, where a polite voice answered my call right away with,

“ Hi, Dan Packaging, how can I help you?”

“ Hello, my name is George Murphy from TPS”,

“Oh, hi George, did you get your order ok?” (Knew who I was right away, impressive!)

“ It’s not working I’m afraid”.

“ Oh dear, let me get you sorted… Steve the engineer is out at the moment, but give me your best contact number and I will ask him to call you”    

40 minutes later I get a call….

“Hi George, It’s Steve from Dan Packaging, how can I help you?”

I explained the issue with the machine, and within a minute, he had corrected the problem with the emergency stop button which had been pressed during transit, and the cushion-Pak machine fired up ready to go… 

“George, you have my mobile number now, so any issues, call me direct, and I will help you out”

After thanking him for his quick and professional service, we set about putting the machine through its paces. It made easy work of all the waste we had built up, recycling our cardboard into packaging we could use with our own deliveries. A fantastic contraption!

We now use up all our waste packaging and in fact, we are taking all the un-wanted cardboard and boxes from our neighbouring businesses, and as well as giving any short coded stock to local food-banks, which means TPS can truly say it is “Net Zero!”

TPS prides itself on its customer service but hats off to Dan Packaging for its brilliant response to a customer problem.

    Check out their cardboard converter in action here :