Boilable Vacuum Pouches

400 x 600mm  |  Clear  |  Box of 500

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Boilable Vacuum Pouches

Get better yields, cook faster and get more in the boiler, a real alternative to cooking bags.

More in the boiler: Take up to 5 kilo of meat fill into the pouches, draw a vacuum, seal and get more in the boiler. And because you have drawn a vacuum, you can get more in the boiler
Better yields: Because you have taken the air out of the pouch, the meat cooks quicker, and you do not lose as much juice
Longer Shelf-Life: As the product is sealed – effectively pasteurised, you can hold in your fridge for longer (Check with you local EHO for how long), or freeze and plan ahead for Xmas

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Vacuum Pouch Clear Size

400 x 600mm (Box of 500)