Goldfish Japanese Style Curry Sauce (12 x 405g)

SSSHHHH.. Don’t tell Wagamama about this one!. A sweet Japanese curry that has all the right ingredients to make a superb Katsu Curry.. 




A Katsu Curry that goes along way!
Well, we have a Chinese Curry in the Goldfish range, so why not a Japanese one!
This Katsu comes in the form of a paste that you scoop out a tablespoon size portion and by adding boiling water, you mix until you get a smoothy lump- free creamy type sauce.
You can then add to your chicken or seafood dish 5 minutes before you take it off the heat and serve with your favorite rice or noodles.
The pack you would buy would contain 12 tubs of 405g each of the concentrated paste, and just place them on your serve over counter for that extra add on sale.