Pureety Kickin Chilli Glaze (2.5kg)

An authentic Cajun style blend of herbs and spices with a kick of chilli heat.

Great with Chicken, Pork or Beef.




Pureety Kickin Chilli Glaze: Its says its “authentic” Cajun, but I have tasted Cajun in the US, and we really preferred this one. The Pureety blend of herbs and spices has a kick of chili heat but won’t blow your mouth off, and have you running for the tap to stick your head under!. Another positive on this glaze is it does not burn on the grill or the BBQ, and there is little to no drip loss, until other brands on the market. Think about it, if you are buying cheaper glazes that draw out the moisture of your meat, then you are losing weight on the scale, and making the product dry and no longer succulent, and lessen the chance of a repeat sale. As an extra bonus you also get a free counter display ticket and a roll of ingredient labels if you want to go pre-packed.
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