Rich Sauces Tikka Mayo 2.2ltr x 2

The Rich Sauces is Tikka spices in a creamy mayo perfect for vibrant sandwiches

Tikka Mayo is not only a popular product in the catering industry its popular with the hip hop and trendy kids these days and is defined as “Curry for kids”

And the striking colour of this mayo sum’s it up “Pink to make the boys wink”


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Rich Sauces Tikka Mayo

This truly is an eye catching product. The striking pink colour adds a vibrancy to any deli counter or contrasted with a white bread it really is food for the eyes. As the most popular dish in the UK and Ireland, tikka masala is the curry that has moved beyond speciality Indian Curry houses and into the mainstream of culinary lives.

Traditionally tikka masala is a hot dish so in creating a mayonnaise it takes care to create a chilled product with the adequate balance between spices and spreading to be enjoyed by the masses and not just curry lovers. We like to think of this as curry for kids as it has loads of flavour but none of the heat. Probably the number one use for this product among our food service companies we work with is for a chicken tikka mayonnaise recipes. This is a wet mix combining 60-70% diced cooked chicken with our tikka mayo. The mayo covers, and seals the chicken acting as a natural shelf life extension for the chicken and is simply a great tikka sandwich filling for quick service and great consistency. So send a sample request form or give us a call to arrange a chef demonstration at your business premises