Taste of Goodness Tikka Sauce (6 x 450ml)

A distinctive taste of curry tikka spices and herbs. Perfect as a side of plate sauce or accompaniment.


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Another excellent pour over sauce from the Taste of Goodness range. This gluten free, lo- calorie Tikka sauce has a distinct back-note of Tandoor as you would expect, and when added to mayonnaise, it would make a great Coronation Chicken filling. If you wanted to try your hand at “Curry Burgers,” you could add the Tikka Sauce into your burger mix, just cutting back on the water you use in your standard burger. If you use the Pureety Gluten Free Gourmet Burger mix, then you have added another product to your GF range. For authentic curry burger, don’t use beef, as cows are sacred in India!
Packed in 6 squeezy bottles of 450ml, this product range is a great addition to your serve over counter.