“George is a time-served butcher and founder of TPS Scotland. He writes these blogs in the hope of engaging with customers far and wide and keep a conversation going on a variety of subjects amongst his peers.”


Make More Profits- Sell your Add-Ons

On more than a few occasions, I have visited butchers’ shops to witness retail products sitting at the very back of the serve-over counter out of reach of any potential buyers where they just sit on the shelf

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Expose Yourself!

Now first a disclaimer… I don’t want you sticking your bum or any other part of your naked anatomy out the shop front and wiggle it all about for all to see. What I mean is “expose”

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KEBORA Sauce is Here!

TPS is delighted to announce the arrival of its very own recipe sauce – Kebora. As the name suggests, it is a condiment designed with kebabs and Pakora (Keb-ora) in mind as I hope you will

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